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We're a digital media specialist company - meaning we consult on anything from working with the latest digital cameras through to devising the best post production pipeline for you. We have a wide range of gear to assist with your productions, and our crew know all of it inside and out.

We are experts in Teradek wireless, HDR monitoring, on-set video playback (including QTake), and data management. We're based in Auckland, New Zealand, but have supplied equipment and crew to jobs across the country as well as overseas.

So if you're looking for a DIT, video split operator, data wrangler, or just want to talk through your different workflow options, give us a call. 

Stuff we've worked on


We carry a wide selection of monitors ranging from large video village monitors to compact handheld directors monitors. We also have specialist options including built-in recording, daylight-viewable, HDR, and OLED monitors.

All our monitors can be battery powered and we have custom-built trolleys for easily moving them around set.


From 90m to 3km, zero delay to web-based streaming, there's no doubt we have a wireless kit to suit your situation.

We carry the complete range of Teradek Bolt zero-delay wireless systems, including the new Bolt 4K series. We also offer the Teradek Serv & Link system for wifi-based streaming to iPads and mobile devices on set.


We carry various playback solutions for either basic standalone use on a set without a video operator, or fully-featured solutions for use by our experienced video operators. If in doubt contact us to discuss what solution would be best for your production.


The industry standard in high end video playback QTake software is in use world wide on pretty much every major Feature and TV Show.

QTake allows comprehensive cataloging and playback of each take and synchronous playback between multiple cameras. No matter if a shot was filmed on the first day it will be possible to recall it instantly on the last day of a multi month productions.

Other features include live compositing, editing and live colour grading.

We have designed our QTake kits to be shippable inside an SKB case and completely battery powered if required.


The Video Devices PIX240 is the the workhorse of the PIX family. Capable of format conversion and recording HD-SDI or HDMI signals the PIX240 is our go-to clamshell recorder where portability is key. 

The large playback controls and jog wheel help navigating between clips and the large storage capacity can store whole blocks of Drama shoots if needed.

The PIX240 can be mounted on any of our trolleys under a monitor or can be easily rigged in odd spaces that other playback devices cannot.

Odyssey 7Q+



Our custom-built data management kits range from the ultra-portable Sparrow up to the heavy-duty Condor. We can supply some kits on a dry-hire basis, while others require a Halcyon data wrangler or DIT to operate.

We can handle offloading and transcoding nearly every type of media, and keep a copy of your files securely on our in-house storage system for 30 days after the shoot date.


With large-format cameras such as the Arri Alexa LF becoming more and more popular, slow storage media just doesn't cut it any more. We offer fast SSD and RAID drive options for quick offload of even massive 4K & RAW camera files.

Discounted rates are available for long-term rentals.

LTO archival

LTO Tapes are the preferred method of long term archival with a life expectancy of 30 years far outstripping normal hard drives which are prone to failure after only a few years.

With the advent of LTFS it's never been more affordable to archive your projects during or after production to tape and we have the hardware and software to do so.



Remote - introduction

Solutions for a connected set

With COVID-19 impacting film & TV productions around the world, we are all faced with finding a new way to work in a changed environment. Requirements like physical distancing and remote working might seem incompatible with standard film set practices, but with small tweaks to how we do things (along with the application of cutting-edge technology) we can create an environment that is just as productive as before while also maintaining safety protocols.

We call this the connected set.

Below we lay out some of the ways we can help your productions stay safe while staying productive, through the use of cloud streaming & communications, on-set internet infrastructure, and telepresence systems. Some of this can also be applied to post-production, through systems such as remote viewing for editing & grading.

With 10 years’ experience working in DIT & video, we’re ideally positioned to tackle the challenge of connecting the set in a time of isolation and distance, and developing new solutions as the situation changes and develops.


For a typical production in the past, we would have set up a dedicated video village where the client, agency, or crew can watch a real-time feed from the camera. Moving this off-site and/or splitting up the individuals is one of the easiest and fastest ways to lower the amount of people on set, as well as reduce close-contact between them.

Using cloud streaming we can transmit video from up to 4 cameras securely over the internet to multiple off-site viewers at their home or workplace in near real-time.

We can also distribute this video feed wirelessly on-set to individual phones & tablets, effectively giving everyone their own personal screen and reducing the need for people to huddle together around monitors.

Remote - Internet


With so much relying on the link between set and the internet, it’s important to have a fast and stable connection. For locations where a fibre hookup isn’t available or is unreliable, we can offer a 4G bonded wireless system. This spreads the outgoing internet traffic over several different mobile providers, before recombining it at a secure off-site server and then forwarding on to the internet.

To further enhance internet stability on set we can offer a variety of wifi infrastructure options, from mesh access points (many wifi hotspots that spread the load between them) to a strong point-to-point link (for beaming a connection over long distances to/from a remote location).

Remote - Communications


To enable communication and collaboration whilst in an isolated off-site environment, we can provide a secure voice comms network. Each off-site user can access the system from their phone or computer, and talk in real-time with everyone else easily and securely.

Taking this one step further, we can bridge this voice network into the on-set radio network, allowing near-instant communications between people off-site and those on-set, without needing to juggle multiple forms of contact (txt, phone calls, Zoom, etc).

A typical use case might have an off-site producer able to pass notes quickly and privately to another producer or AD on-set, whilst still plugged into a conversation with other off-site creatives & clients.

Facilities - Production-Hub

Production Hub

We are proud to now offer our Halcyon Hub space as a flexible short-term office for rent to the film & TV industry. Centrally located in Morningside, it is well-suited to productions both small & large. 

The 125m² space includes a meeting room with 65" TV, separate editing suite, kitchenette, and 12 reconfigurable desks. There is an additional 72m² space downstairs (ideal for wardrobe or as a rehearsal space), with the possibility of also occupying some of our warehouse space for set builds or vehicle storage. 6 car parks are available outside the building.

Whatever your requirements, our hub is designed to accommodate every stage of the filmmaking process.

Open-plan office

Meeting room


Facilities - Edit-Suite

Edit suite

Our on-site edit suite is available for dry hire or with an operator.

Utilise it on your next production in pre-production for LUT creation, during production for dailies and offline edits, or in post production for your final review & grade. Our suite and experienced operators can help you out at any stage.

Facilities - Vehicles


Our custom-fitted vans can be configured as a camera or production vehicles, DIT/colour workstations, or used to transport VTR equipment without needing to pack everything down.

Each vehicle has independently-controllable internal lighting, as well as heavy-duty shelving and storage for equipment. We also have optional high-density battery systems for each vehicle, which means totally silent and uninterruptible power. No noisy generators - keep your soundie happy!

Toyota Hiace

High-top ceiling clearance and 4WD means we can roll into any location and be unloaded fast, as well has having a mobile workstation to base out of.

Comes standard with a Honda 2k generator. Optional silent battery system also available.


If you have any questions or would like to rent some of our gear or hire some amazing crew, get in touch with us using the details below. Or drop in for a visit!

09 969 2253
6 Collins Street, Morningside, Auckland 1025
Open weekdays 9am to 5pm
(after hours collection/drop-off available on request)